Finance Your Business Plan for Your Gym

The fitness industry in Germany is booming. The desire for a slim, well-toned body, for health and flexibility is driving more and more people to the gym. In 2018 over 10 million had a membership card in their pockets – and an end to the general sports enthusiasm is not in sight.

Why not benefit from this trend? If you are interested in fitness and sports and are looking for a way to start your own business, opening your own gym may be the answer.

Professional Requirements: What kind of education do I need?

In Germany, anyone can open a gym, certain qualifications or permits are not required. Nevertheless, it would not be very wise to enter the fitness industry without previous knowledge. Work experience, for example as a trainer or physiotherapist, combined with a sense of business would be an advantage.

Karsten Leypold, who started his own business a few years ago with a gym, also sees that. The trained sports teacher is convinced that his expertise was as important to his business start-up as his management skills. "That's why I attach so much importance to further education today and make sure to always be up to date in my field of expertise."

If you do not have a suitable education, you should quickly catch up on your coaching license and then spend some time working in a gym. So you learn from the bottom up, what matters in dealing with the customer and how the processes are organized in a gym.

Treadmills in the gym with running man

Standard equipment in gyms: treadmills.

Finding the right positioning

The demand in the fitness area is great, but the same is true for the competition. The A & O of your success is a good positioning that sets you apart from the existing fitness and sports offerings. Think about what is special about your studio and what you want to inspire your customers.

Karsten Leypold can answer this question without hesitation: "We help our customers to stay healthy. The special thing about our gym is: We do not just put devices down, we advise our customers intensively during training and motivate them to stay on the ball. "This will counteract the motivation that many will experience as soon as they have signed their membership application and the first one Euphoria is gone.

To develop a suitable positioning like this, there are three things to consider:

  • your vision of a good gym
  • the existing fitness offer in your region
  • the ideas of your target group

The last point is especially important. The more you know the needs of your target group, the more likely you are to convince them of your offer and to retain them in the long run.

To define your audience, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What problem do you solve with your offer?
  • Who usually has this problem?
  • What do these people value?
  • Is your target audience big enough?
  • How financially strong is your target group?
  • How can you reach your target audience to draw attention to your offer?

You can also focus on multiple audiences, increasing your workload. But be careful not to dilute your profile. People need to know what your gym stands for right away – otherwise they will not see any reason to sign up.

Write a business plan for your gym

Your business plan will show you if and when your gym will be profitable and how to reach that goal. You write it primarily for yourself, but also for your financiers and business partners.

In your business plan you deal with all the important aspects of your foundation. You outline your business idea and what is special about it, analyze the market and the competition and define your target group. You outline the measures that you want to use to win and retain customers, and how to handle the risks of starting up.

In the pay part, you are dealing in detail with the finances: you calculate how much starting capital you need and when you can repay it, you quantify the investments and the running costs (for staff, rent, energy etc.) and put them into the turnover across from. From this you derive the break-even point , ie the day on which the revenues cover the expenses for the first time.

All in all, the business plan offers you and all involved the opportunity to objectively assess the chances and risks of creating a gym. At best, it contains a worst-case scenario, a package of measures in the event that business does not start as planned. Because one thing is clear: You will never be able to predict 100% how your gym will evolve. But the more you think through your business idea and the more carefully you test your assumptions, the better prepared you are for the unforeseen. Karsten therefore compares the business plan with a parachute, which protects the parachutist from falling. "It can happen that the screen does not open. That's why you still have a rescue parachute with you. "A plan B, which limits the risk so much that the total catastrophe – the unbraked fall from 4,000 meters – can be prevented.

Gym with yoga mats and gymnastics ladies

Multipurpose rooms offer the opportunity to offer guided courses and to do sports in larger groups.

Financing for funding

Presumably, your savings will not be enough to fully finance the start of self-employment. The initial investments in premises and equipment are significant when founding a gym. Add to that the running costs that you probably will not be able to cover with your earnings, at least in the first few months – it will take some time for your marketing efforts to take effect and your offer gets around the city.

In the projects that we looked after or advised on, several hundred thousand euros were usually needed to finance them . On average, around 100,000 euros were spent on investment and another as much on running costs in the first one and a half to three years, when membership was still insufficient to cover the costs. These losses, which start until break even, are called "bridging the start-up phase" in the financing.

This is where banks and savings banks come into play, providing start-up loans – provided that they are convinced of a business idea. In addition to bank credit, you can seek public funding. In particular, promotional loans from KfW and the Investitionsbank in your state are usually slightly cheaper than the bank loan – but are also applied for via a house bank. You have to talk to your bank about whether it recommends funding. Of course, since he always wants to sell his own product, it's not always easy.

There are also other ways of financing. The funding landscape in Germany is huge. Especially popular among founders are of course subsidies that do not have to be repaid. However, they are not easy to get and usually associated with bureaucratic effort ("funds use documents" etc.). Nevertheless, you should discuss this topic with the investment bank in your state and your house bank.

There are two things to consider when financing:

  1. The lower the risk your bank is judged to never see your money due to a corporate failure, the better the terms will be for you. A convincing business plan is worth a lot of money.
  2. In general, investment loans are cheaper than loans for working capital (ie the buffer for the start-up phase). This is because investments in real estate or machinery serve as collateral, while the money invested in salaries or rents is irrevocably gone. It is therefore important to determine the individual cost elements in your business plan as accurately as possible. It is very difficult to reallocate an investment loan later for the financing of operating resources and under no circumstances should it be done without consulting your bank.

Karsten advises all founders, who want to open a gym like him, not to be discouraged by any credit cancellations. "At that time, I had to audition at several banks until I found one that would finance my project," he recalls. "Stay tuned but worth it."

We'd like to add something to this tip: Take the concerns of your bankers seriously and revise your business plan if it fails the first time. Mostly they have a good eye for the flaws of a business concept.

Reasons in the team

One way to reduce the risk of start-up is to spread it across multiple shoulders. Have you ever considered bringing one or more business partners on board? In this way, you can simultaneously increase the equity ratio and improve your prospects for a loan.

However, a successful team formation is not a matter of course. Choose your partners wisely. As you complement each other in your strengths and balance your weaknesses, you have great prospects of bringing your company together on a successful course.

Karsten also went this way and with him it worked with the business partner. But he knows that many entrepreneurs are not doing well, "because there's always stress when it comes to making financial decisions. If a business partner or investor is necessary, the competences, rights and obligations must be clearly defined. "

legal form

The legal form determines, among other things, how your company is taxed, how far your liability, how much seed capital you need and how the company organization is regulated. Basically, almost all legal forms are open to you for the opening of a fitness studio.

Advice on this topic can not hurt, especially if you decide to start a team. But do not take this issue too hard: it is not a life choice, you can still revise it later.

What you should consider when choosing the location

If you do not want to open an online gym (which may well be an option that pays off), location is extremely important to your success. The catchment area should be big enough and the competition in the area should not be too strong.

For your gym you need enough space (for gymnasiums, equipment rooms, showers and changing rooms, cloakroom, entrance and bar area, wellness area with swimming pool and sauna etc.), and not every commercial area is suitable for this particular use. Apart from special requirements on the floors, attention must be paid to sound and heat insulation and a powerful ventilation system.

Since rent is a major cost factor, it is worthwhile to look for cheap areas. Of course, it does not bother you to rent a cheap property that nobody finds. Always keep an eye on the reachability of your target group when searching for a location. A very good traffic connection and sufficient parking in front of the door are important criteria.

To avoid annoyance, you should contact the construction department at an early stage, especially if major conversions are planned. The employees there are not only there to control compliance with legal requirements, but also to advise you.

Gym with rowing machines and many people

Specialized gyms are sometimes aimed specifically at certain athletes, here possibly rowers.

Find good staff

A key role is played by the staff working in your gym. Your employees decide significantly whether your customers feel comfortable in your gym and like to come back. Make sure your staff is top motivated and well educated. All of your fitness coaches and instructors should also be able to identify with your mission statement.

Do not just think about a strategy on how to get good coaches for your business, but also how to tie them in the long run. What offers – beyond a fair salary – can you give them? Flexible working hours, opportunities for further education and a secure future perspective contribute a lot to job satisfaction. Another important point is the working environment. What can you do as a boss to ensure that the atmosphere in the workforce remains collegial and relaxed? How can you prevent or confront conflicts? If you can answer questions like these in your business plan, you'll be collecting valuable assets from your funders.

Franchising as an alternative?

A look at the market data from the fitness industry shows you that the big chains are playing an increasingly important role there. Often behind it are large franchise systems . This means that the individual locations are managed by independent entrepreneurs who pay a certain fee to the franchisor for the use of the naming rights.

If you choose this form of self-employment, you can benefit from brand awareness and a proven business model. In return, you commit to one-to-one implementation of your franchisor's standards.

Karsten's studio is also part of a large franchise community. He has chosen the franchise provider InJoy, which focuses on health-oriented training under professional guidance.

Whether franchising is right for you depends above all on your personal abilities and preferences. If you see yourself more as a doer who loves to get his store up and running on the frontline customer front and has his managerial strengths, then you can be very happy with it. If you're more of a creative guy who wants to implement your own ideas and values ​​their entrepreneurial freedom, then this path may not be the best choice for you.

The formalities at the end: The registration of your gym

The financing has been clarified, the conversion is almost complete and the date for the opening of your gym is set? Then it's time to register your business with the Trades Licensing Office. The trade office will automatically forward your application to the tax office from which you will receive a questionnaire for tax collection. Among other things, you indicate which legal form your gym has, which revenue you count and how your company is organized. Once your data is verified, you will get a tax number that you will need to issue invoices. Uff, done. Now it can start!

Good luck with your gym wishes you Dr. Jan Evers

additional Information

The Injoy-Studio by Karsten Leypold can be found on the internet:

In addition, Karsten is on Facebook:

About the author Founding expert dr. Jan Evers is the owner of the consulting firm evers & jung in Hamburg. For ministries, banks and business development organizations, evers & jung GmbH has been developing concepts and solutions for entrepreneurs for more than 15 years that make entrepreneurship easier and more self-reliant.

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Banks and Credit Institutions allow the user before making a personal payday loan to use the Simulator in the online pages of Home Bankings and Internet Bankings, the tool is found free to use for free.


With the Simulator personal payday loan

With the Simulator personal payday loan

It is an important tool that seeks to demonstrate to users and bank clients in a quick and objective manner the interest rates applied for each type of loan granted, the conditions offered and the maximum terms available for hiring , through the online personal payday loan simulator it is possible to have a little notion of the bank’s credit policy.

In the personal payday loan the Simulator in general has simple and uncomplicated use, the tool always presents an accessible and interactive format that allows the user to enter information related to their credit needs, in it it is possible to put the value, the desired term, very short, short, medium or long and immediately the Simulation of the loan person is presents of the Institution.

The personal payday loan Simulator accelerates the credit comparison process once the user can take advantage of the various simulators from different banks and financial institutions and get immediate answers to the set of loan features such as value, rate and term that will fit in your pocket .

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An efficient personal payday loan simulator should allow you to choose the type or modality of loan that the credit company provides, usually the offer of credit involves various loan products and specific loans for a particular situation example: “simulator for car loans, real estate loans, cdc for home appliances, financing for works and reforms, tourism credit, payroll loan , etc.


Is it worth?

Is it worth?

It is worth remembering that although the “Simulator personal payday loan” does not contain all the necessary information, to relate basic values ​​immediately such as the indication of the total loan amount, the monthly installments and the term, as well as the CET (Total Effective Cost) so that the potential customer has a better transparency when comparing his bank’s proposal with other institutions that can offer the same loan with more special conditions.

How to Automate Your Online Business? –Internet Business.


One of the biggest benefits of building an online business is the ability to automate it entirely. Indeed internet offers a wide range of tools that can automate its business online. The question then is: How to automate your online business to free time? This article offers you the answer. An explanation over at

Online Business: Benefits of Automation.

Online Business: Benefits of Automation.

To automate your business online is to develop it so that it can turn on its own, that it does not necessarily need your person to function. It is to make sure that your business does not rest on your person. But that it can continue to function under the direction of any other person with the required skills. What are the benefits of automating your online business?

The direct and first advantage is that you can sell your business easily, in case you want to move on. Because many entrepreneurs make the mistake of basing their business on their person. And when they want to sell their business, they simply find that it is unsaleable. But it is not a question of completely erasing your business. Another advantage is that you can free up time for yourself, for your passions or start another business. Because the first objective when you decide to undertake is to have time for yourself, to be master of your time. Now let’s see how to automate his business.


Automating your online business involves automating the tasks you perform. For this you must first clearly define the tasks you perform. The first step in automation will be the elimination of everything that is not needed. Because yes, after takeoff of its online business, there are several tasks that entrepreneurs continue to do but are not really necessary for the evolution of their business. List these tasks and delete them, it will already make you a significant gain of time.

Definition of automation

Definition of automation

Automation is everything a software can do for you and does not necessarily need human intervention. After the first step you are now facing the tasks that really make your business evolve. Among these tasks, there are those that necessarily require your expertise, those that you must repeat constantly. All these tasks can be classified into different categories according to their nature. Now let’s find out how to automate your business.

You must first list the tasks that you are doing repeatedly. Then you will need to create processes to do these tasks automatically. For example you can write a thank you email well written and adapted. So every time you have to write a thank you email, in two or three clicks you have your written email. You can also create keyboard shortcuts such as sites that you visit regularly. The goal of all this is to save a lot of time.

Business internet: Using automation tools

Among the advantages of having an online business, you have the ability to make many tasks automatic. The Internet offers several tools that allow you, once implemented, not to have to repeat certain actions. If you have an online store you must have software that automates everything, ie a process put in place that will lead your customer to make his purchase on your own without your intervention.

You also have software that automatically respond to your emails, which automatically send mails to several people. As an auto-responder who will send regular emails to your customers or whenever a new customer will arrive, will send him an email, because you can not answer all your emails and it will make you a huge waste of time . Similarly you have software to upload your different videos on multiple platforms at a frequency that you have preset.

Online Business: Creating Customer Support

From the outset, we advise you to always separate your professional email address from your personal email address. So at the beginning of your activity, you can have fun replying to all your emails yourself, but when your business starts to take off, it will become more and more complicated, in terms of energy and time. Here are some tools that will help you manage your customers more easily:

  • Front that allows to manage emails in team, in a collaborative way. It is a mail client where you will add generic emails. Thus all the sent mails will arrive in an inbox where all the holders of the added generic mails will have access and where they will be able to make the necessary treatments. You can also use Zendesk or HelpScou t which are also customer support software
  • ChargeDesk which allows a pooling of all sales, be it Stripe, Paypal, Wepay or others and automatically generate the bill to the customer when he makes a purchase. ChargeDesk is also compatible with the customer support software mentioned above. If a customer uses the same account for their purchase as for customer service, you will immediately know the product that the customer has purchased and the details of the purchase, which makes it even easier for you.
  • Spreadsheets on Google Doc for example: to note suggestions for improvements, possible refunds, centralize all products with links, sales page links, purchase order
  • Buffer that allows you to manage all your social networks
  • FAQs : Frequently Asked Questions or are grouped together all frequently asked questions, with precise and clearly written answers.

Business on the internet: The delegation

Business on the internet: The delegation

This involves giving someone else tasks to perform. It concerns tasks that you can not necessarily do with software or the software is limited. Those that do not require your added value. Here are the categories of tasks that you can delegate:

Online Business: Recognizing Your Weaknesses

Online Business: Recognizing Your Weaknesses

These are the tasks in which you will have more competent people than you. Including the technical part such as the management of your website, accounting, customer support, prospect support, video editing, graphics, text transcription, text correction. But for that you must first define your hourly value: how much does it cost me to work for one hour? Then all the tasks that are below this value, you delegate them. While you will have to spend for it but a simple calculation you will find that it is more profitable.

Create a business: Time-consuming tasks


There are also the tasks in which you are competent or you are not necessarily less good but which are extremely time-consuming, ie which require a lot of time and energy but which bring you little added value . Instead of focusing on these tasks, you can always delegate them. This will save you time to further develop your business.

Business Idea: Recurring Tasks

Business Idea: Recurring Tasks


Automate your online business

Note also that among all the tasks you perform, there are those that are repetitive but that there are no computer tools to automate them. We are talking about after-sales service, uploading your videos, providing access to programs and training , and other tasks that do not necessarily require your expertise. These tasks can also be delegated to you to free up time for other things that add value to your community.

Business Internet: Pareto Law

Business Internet: Pareto Law

Everything you do not want to do anymore, whether it’s in terms of SEO, quality or even tasks outside your business, such as shopping, paying bills; you can have people doing it for you. It may sound lazy but these tasks take time and after doing them you will not have the energy to do other tasks. These activities so delegated you can then focus on your core business, whether real estate, content creation or others.

Now that you know what activities you can delegate, let’s see how.

Business on the internet: How to delegate?


You have sites that offer you online help to get started. You have among others:

  • which is a micro work platform that connects freelancers, freelancers and clients who are entrepreneurs like you who are looking to delegate tasks
  • and which are sites which also ensure the relations between independent workers and customers
  • which is a site of infopreneur which puts at your disposal a team of technicians who take care of the technical part of your business. All that is creation of your website, maintenance of your website if you already have and many other aspects.

Note that these sites are for your debut. When you start to make significant income or when your business will start growing you will have to turn to the specialized agencies that will offer you services, more expensive of course but of much better quality.

Business Internet: How to delegate tasks?

Business Internet: How to delegate tasks?

Delegating an activity does not mean losing interest in the activity. Especially when your business starts off and you have several assistants. You must always keep an eye on the tasks you have delegated, check that the work is done correctly. You must then think about monitoring the analytics, the statistics of your support, which gives you an idea of ​​how the support is managed. As tools to keep track of your delegated activities and facilitate them you have:

  • lastpass which is a software that allows you to give access to your various accounts, websites, YouTube account and others to your assistants without giving them your passwords
  • 1password doing the same thing as lastpass
  • dropbox, Google Drive which are online storages. With these softwares you can easily share your files with your assistants and also recover your delegated activities once they have finished
  • skype which allows you to stay in constant contact with your assistants.


Automating your online business – Delegation

In short, the automation of your online business involves several steps that are the elimination of unnecessary tasks, the establishment of processes to facilitate repetitive activities, the use of automation tools, the delegation and monitoring of the Delegation. Automating your business online does not mean making your business a business devoid of soul, of all human substances. To do so is to trigger the mechanism that will make your business fail online . You are not the only one who practices in your field of business. What will make a customer choose you and not another who offers the same benefits as you, is your added value. The ultimate goal of automating its online business is to free up time to focus on the added value that comes with being present for its customers.



Guide to Business plans | Financing






The French government has set up several support schemes for business creation that can benefit project owners. During the process of starting a business, several aspects come into consideration, including the financial one. Indeed, once your business idea is found, your market research done, the next challenge is the mobilization of start-up capital. Several options are available to you. This may be your personal contributions, or a bank loan. But, there is also a device to help start a business. What is it exactly? How to get help with starting a business? Discover the answers to these questions in the rest of this article. See for further editorial

Business Creation Assistance: What is it?


Business Creation Assistance: What is it?

Business creation help

When carrying an idea of ​​starting a business, the last step is to find the necessary funds to start your business. At this level, many are looking for public or private assistance, grants, support to start their project. There are indeed means set up by the state or local authorities, to assist you in this step.


1- Definition of the help for the creation of a company

The aid to business creation is, as its name suggests, a system put in place by the State on the one hand and local authorities on the other, in order to support entrepreneurs. The aid thus proposed can take many forms. This may include financial aid, tax relief, exemption from social security contributions, assistance to the council, the provision of premises, etc.

2- Help to start a business: How it works

To benefit from business start-up assistance, you must first inquire about the conditions for their allocation. This will save you from unnecessarily creating a file. It is important to note that these aids are not necessarily closely related to your business idea. Indeed, they are either attached to particular sectors of activity, or to the geographical place. They may also be based on your current status (unemployed or salaried) or require that you make significant investments or recruitments.

In addition, there are also private initiatives created to help entrepreneurs to finance their project. These aids are then allocated by associations, foundations, clubs, large companies, etc. While some of these aids are for everyone, others require a specific type of project. In this case, the conditions for obtaining are strict.

3- The various business creation aids in France

There are many help to start a business in France. This assistance intervenes in the social, fiscal, financial and support fields. This is to allow the entrepreneur to build capital.

Aid for the creation of a company by the State

There are several state aids to start a business. Among these, we can mention inter alia ACCRE, NACRE and BPI France devices.


This is the Aid to the Unemployed Creating or Resuming a Business. This support for the creation of a company allows a partial exemption of the social charges as well as a support during the first years of its operation. It is aimed at the unemployed and people who take over a business.

To benefit from this help to start a business, you must meet several conditions:

  • Be a jobseeker who is the beneficiary of the unemployment insurance allowance (AER) or the occupational security allowance (SPA) or the RSA or the special solidarity allowance (ASS) or the temporary Waiting (ATA).
  • An unpaid claimant has been on the jobseeker list for more than 6 months.
  • Be aged 18 to 25 or under 30 if you are a disabled person.
  • Employed or dismissed from a company in receivership or liquidation. You are also eligible if you take over all or part of this company.
  • Unemployed and holder of a Project Support Contract (CAPE).
  • Creator or creator of a company in a Priority Neighborhood of the City Policy (QPPV).
  • Beneficiaries of the complementary free choice of activity.

This scheme to help start a business is accompanied by an exemption from social security contributions, sickness, maternity, invalidity, death, basic old age, family allowances, etc. On the other hand, if you are in a salaried system, the exemption only concerns employee and employer contributions. The exemption proposed by this business start-up aid applies only to annual income or remuneration of less than or equal to € 21,119. Which corresponds to 120% of Smic.

It applies for 1 year from the beginning of activity of your company, if you are an employee. Otherwise, it takes effect from the effective date of your affiliation.


New Accompaniment for the Creation or the Business Recovery. It is an aid provided by a state-sponsored accompaniment agency. It may be an organization to help start a business, an association, a CCI, etc. Generally, people eligible for ACCRE can also benefit from NACRE.

The NACRE business creation assistance is divided into three phases:

  • The editing of the project.
  • Financing assistance, in particular by obtaining a zero interest loan.
  • Support for the development of the company that can be requested during the 3 years following the creation.
The BPI France devices

The Public Investment Bank is a French organization that works for the financing and development of companies. This business creation assistance offers guarantees so that you can convince your bank to grant you a loan. Business Creation Assistance BPI France subsidizes expenses related to the creation of your company. Supported steps are feasibility studies, market research, partner research, etc. You can get up to 30,000 euros in contributions.

Business creation assistance offered by Pôle emploi

Pôle emploi is a public administrative institution. He is responsible for employment in France. This establishment offers 2 helpers in particular: ARE and ARCE.


AER is a return to work assistance allowance. This is a business creation aid granted by Pôle emploi. Its goal is to replace the wages of people who have lost their jobs involuntarily. According to your last contract of employment, several characteristics are applied:

  • Have worked and contributed for a number of well-defined days in one or more companies.
  • For persons over the age of 50, they must have worked and contributed for at least 610 hours (122 days) in the last 3 years prior to the end of the employment contract.

When you decide to start your business, Pôle emploi can maintain your benefits. This on the condition that your current salary is zero or low as a leader of your company. The AER encourages entrepreneurship for people who want to find a job.

In the event that you no longer collect the AREs, and you receive the Active Solidarity Income (RSA), you have the option to maintain the latter when creating your business.


This is the Help for Recovery or Business Creation. Pôle emploi has this help of business creation so that your unemployment benefits will be a capital. The ARCE allows the entrepreneur (the business buyer) to build a capital. By obtaining the ARCE, Pôle emploi pays you the equivalent of 45% of your allowances. The AER entitles you to the ARCE, however, they are not cumulative. In addition, you must be a beneficiary of the ACCRE to apply for the ARCE.

How to get help for business creation

How to get help for business creation


How to get help for business creation

To qualify for business start-up support, you must meet a number of criteria. These are based on the organization and the type of help you request.

1- Who to turn to for help in starting a business

No matter what kind of activity you plan to create, it’s important that you get framed. To this end, there are specialized networks that are available to inform you, guide you and accompany you. For this purpose, you can get closer:

  • From a public device : regional or European for example.
  • CPA (Personal Activity Account), which is mobilized in support of business creation. You benefit from training, support and advice throughout your process.

Depending on your project and your activity, you can request:

  • Chamber of Commerce and Industry, for commercial or industrial activities.
  • For a craft activity, the chamber of trades and crafts.
  • The chamber of agriculture, a Civam, or the network Young Farmers, in the case of an agricultural activity.

Depending on your profile, young, salaried, job seeker, etc., there are also specialized centers.

2- Steps to get help to start a business

The procedures for obtaining business start-up assistance vary from one aid to another.

Steps to obtain an ACCRE

To obtain ACCRE business start-up assistance, your application must be submitted to the competent Business Forms Center (CFE). This application must be filed within 45 days of the creation or resumption of your business. Your request must contain:

  • The declaration form of the company at CFE or its copy.
  • A certificate on the honor of non-profit of this help to the creation of company since 3 years.
  • Proof of belonging to one of the categories benefiting from the ACCRE.

You will receive in return a receipt of registration of your request. ACCRE informs social organizations and sends your request to the URSSAF. The latter will inform you of his response in the month.

Conditions for obtaining NACRE

Assistance for the creation of a NACRE company is obtained from an accompaniment organization approved by the State. These are usually business creation or takeover professionals. To find out which support organization to apply for, contact your local management. You must first meet the following conditions:

  • Difficulty finding a job.
  • Have a viable project economically.
  • Lack of sufficient support means.

Steps to obtain BPI France

BPI France has identified priorities in its corporate social responsibility charter. For steps to get support for BPI France business creation, make sure to provide supporting evidence according to their priorities. These include:

  • Youth employment.
  • Female entrepreneurship.
  • Quality of governance and management.
  • Ecological and energetic transition.

BPI also promotes Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives. When you register on the site, you will have to explain the details of your project in this way.

Another way to finance your business plan

Another way to finance your business plan

Find investors for your business project

In addition to business creation assistance, there are other ways to finance your business creation project.

1- Find investors in equity

This is about finding people who will invest funds in your project in exchange for shares in your company. In addition to their money, these investors will bring you their expertise and address book. They also make you gain credibility. This type of investment is only possible if you create a company. The disadvantage of this method is that you no longer own 100% of your business.

2- Get a bank loan

You can also apply for a bank loan. For this, you must meet a number of conditions:

  • Demonstrate the credibility of your project, this through a very detailed business plan.
  • An equity contribution, proving that risks are distributed equitably.

The advantage of this means is that the equity that you incur is less important. But, in return, you will have to pay a monthly rate of repayment of your loan.

3- The Crowdfunding

There are crowdfunding platforms that allow you to collect donations, loans or investment from individuals. It is also called crowdfunding. This means is generally used in addition to other financing tools. It is also an opportunity to build a community that supports you by bringing their expertise, and sharing their client diary.

In short, there are several ways to get financing for your business creation project. Therefore, it is up to you to choose the mode that suits your needs. You also have the opportunity to combine many of these options. You can, indeed, accumulate a help to the creation of company with a bank loan for example.